Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ALEC Alumni/Member Emmer Whines

Many of you don't realize that at the same time Wisconsin was voting ALEC Alumni Scott Walker into office - Minnesota was voting between ALEC Alumni ( I think - he could still be a full fledged member) Tom Emmer and Dem Mark Dayton.  Fortunately for Minnesota - we didn't end up with an ALEC crazy in our governor's office. 

Minnesota could have been Wisconsin - with an ALEC oligarch in the governor's mansion - it was a tight count on the election.

WELL - Tom Emmer is a co-host on an extreme right wing talk show.
He is a hot head that takes on bloggers who dare to mention his name.
Emmer got press credentials to the ALEC Annual Meeting this past August in New Orleans, after he JUST SHOWED UP in New Orleans planning on paying just a regular registration fee on site.

And now - he is pissing and moaning because he didn't get his ALEC paws on Hamline University to turn it into a KOCH school - check out the last paragraph of this snip.

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer is accusing Hamline University of caving to faculty opposition and reneging on an agreement for him to teach at its business school. 

Emmer said Tuesday that the St. Paul school agreed to hire him for the job and to fill an "executive in residence" position earlier this fall. But, he said, the school backed away after a small group of staff, including business school professor David Schultz, objected to his political views, including his opposition to same-sex marriage
However, Hamline spokeswoman JacQui Getty said there never was a final agreement between Emmer and the private liberal arts university, and it has no plans to do what Emmer has asked.

"Hamline was in discussions with Mr. Emmer about the opportunity for him to teach a business law class, and we were working together on a proposal that would position him as 'executive in residence' within our school of business,'' the school said.

"Tom Emmer and Hamline University had an agreement in principle pursuant to which Mr. Emmer was prepared to raise significant funds for Hamline University to be used developing one of the most unique business school resources in the country.

Wonder how much money - the Koch's were offering - to get Hamline turned over to them and their private foundations?

THOUSANDS of people every year get turned down for teaching positions after multiple interviews and you don't see them whining to the press - PHD's driving taxis and working as baristas to pay the rent.

Cake Eating Edina kid
- who grew up to be an ALEC Republican
- who didn't get his way ONCE In his life
- and he turns into a whining "VICTIM OF BULLYING"
HAH!  Shut Up Emmer!

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