Saturday, December 10, 2011

UPS - What Customer Service?

One of things that pisses me off about most privately owned corporations is they have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS.  Their main concern is profit and maintaining costs - if a customer is inconvenienced they don't care.

Right now Congress is trying to kill the United States Postal Service - so ALEC members UPS and FedEx can take over the deliveries in the United States.  (See my earlier post on this.)

I am expecting a package from UPS.
It is schedule to be delivered on Monday.
On Monday it will be below freezing in Minnesota.

My package and its contents will be frozen and destroyed.

Just now I called UPS and tried to change the delivery location on the package and they can not do it because the package has not been delivered.

Now tell me in todays computerized world why the address on a UPS package can't be changed while it is in route by UPS? 
It makes no sense - it is just bad customer service.
They could do it - but they choose not to - becausetheycan.

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