Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is This the Poison Pill for ALEC Privatization of Education Schemes?

Across the web – and here on my site – you will find thousands of articles/ tweets/ blog entries – about ALEC’s legislation to privatize public education.

Stealing tax dollars to give to private educational corporations.

The intent of ALEC privatization of education legislation –
>>>>to put more money in the pockets of ALEC Educational Private Sector members.

That was the intent – but – maybe ALEC didn’t really think this through.
I think ALEC legislation may have hit a snag that I don't think there is a work-around for.

I think the ultraconservatives - themselves, may have dealt up the the poison pill for ALEC privatization of education "model legislation"?

From Daily Kos

Tennessee Republicans' anti-Muslim hysteria may actually do a good thing, if for the absolute wrong reason (anti-Muslim hysteria). The state legislature is considering a school voucher bill, but there's a hitch: At least one Muslim school might qualify for voucher money, and some legislators are freaking out over it.

That the same people whose first thought on seeing a mop sink was "OMG MUSLIM FOOT-WASHING" would have objections to public money going to Muslim schools is, shall we say, not a surprise.

This may be the demise of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s plan to privatize public education.  This should be OUR new talking point!!!

Don’t know who/what ALEC is?
It is time you did!!!
For lots of info about the American Legislative Exchange Council
check out this webpage
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  1. Careful with this -- it's tricky. In Wisconsin there are Muslim voucher schools in Milwaukee, have been for years. If "WE" make this a talking point, "WE" come across as the bigots, especially if the pro-voucher response is "so what?" I've seen just this exchange happen in newspaper comment sections!