Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rice Lake WI - Home 'o Phobes?

Written by Louis Weisberg, Staff writer
Mar 31, 2013

A gay employee of Applebee’s in Rice Lake was brutally bashed by the husband of a co-worker, then told by the restaurant’s manager he could not return to his job due to publicity surrounding the incident, he said

Timothy Phares subsequently did return to his job as a server after Greg Flynn, CEO of Apple American Group franchise, intervened on his behalf.

According to Phares and his sister Krista Kathrine, they were getting out of his car in the parking lot of a Perkins restaurant at about 6 a.m. on March 17 when Rien Hendricks and his wife Shannon Hendricks pulled up behind them in an SUV.

“(Hendricks) was getting out of his vehicle, and he said, ‘Fucking faggot, I’m going to kill you,’” Phares said.
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As you read the story keep this in mind - there are some major issues not addressed:
“I’m going to kill you” – Was not charged with attempted murder?
Wife Shannon was driving the truck – Was not charged as an accomplice?

At Applebees:
Phares was fired (then rehired)!
Shannon – was not disciplined!
Applebees is requiring Phares to work with Shannon – in order for him to maintain his employment – Hostile Work Environment?

And hanging over this whole mess 
– based on the whole story, as published 
– there is no felony or misdemeanor hate crime charges?

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