Friday, August 5, 2011

ALEC 1995 Article and Interview with George Allen (R-VA)

George Allen
First-term Governor Recognized Nationally
As a Leader in State Sovereignty Movement

George Allen, the 67th Governor of Virginia and an ALEC member when he served in the General Assembly, addressed ALEC's National Leadership Summit in Richmond last May.

Since he began his term in January 1994, Allen has been a vocal proponent of state sovereignty and limited government, and has energetically advanced both issues. Under Allen's watch, Virginia's government is undergoing extensive change through his policies…


FYI: What is Virginia doing to reinvigorate Federalism?
ALLEN: On November 14, 1994, I established the Governor's Advisory Council on Self-Determination and Federalism. This council is composed of respected government leaders, businessmen, educators and other professionals who will study the most effective and efficient means for implementing state sovereignty ideals in the restructuring of our state's government Specifically, the council will study how federal unfunded and partially funded mandates impede Virginia state and local governments...  


On January 24, 2011, Allen announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination in the 2012 election for the U.S. Senate seat he previously held.

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