Thursday, August 4, 2011

MUST READ !!!! Gotta Love Pocan (D-WI) - He's Back at an ALEC Meeting

HIs articles are a MUST Read!

Instead of writing an article months after he gets home -
He wrote an article today.
Then he wrote an article the next day.
And he filed another report the following day.

Catch this most important line from the article that Pocan heard while waiting at the baggage carousel.

“Yah, I’m down in New Orleans for the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting. We write legislation, and they pass our ideas. It’s the free market.”

If this quote doesn't tell you the whole story of why corporations are in New Orleans meeting with ALEC legislators and exactly what they expect from ALEC members - then nothing else will.

"The other half are the corporate special interests. They pay big bucks to put their logos, lobbyists and legislation in front of the objects of their attraction--state legislators."

"At a workshop I attended, one Texas legislator, who moderated the forum, went as far as to say that that we are a big football team. The legislators are the football players and the corporate lobbyists and special interest group presenters are “our” coaches."

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