Sunday, August 21, 2011

Progressive Media Fails America

This morning I was perusing the web trying to find sources for entries - interesting stories that could be expanded - and all I found just made me angry.

We are out here - busting our butts off to expose members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and we have always complained about lack of mainstream media (MSM) coverage.

Well, now it looks like progressive media is letting us down also.  How?

Well, if they can work toward their Pulitzer prize writing an article solely on ALEC they go for it with gusto.

BUT, when they are writing articles about what is clearly ALEC legislation that is being introduced by legislators they do not mention the legislators affiliation with ALEC.

When they are writing stories about legislators that are holding what is clearly an "ALEC" philosophy, they do not mention the legislators affiliation with ALEC.

When they are talking about what is going on in the campaigns of Bachmann, Perry, Huntsman, or others, they do not mention how that candidates stance is affiliated with ALEC "model legislation" or the ALEC philosophy of free markets.

Today in an article about Charles Koch - not one mention of ALEC was made.

The progressive media acts as if they understand the importance of this issue - in ceratin instances - but they seem to fail to see the connection to the bigger picture - which is dismaying.

This is very disappointing and a display that as activists our fight to remove ALL ALEC members and alumni is ours alone to fight.  Not only is the MSM not covering this story, but progressive media can't figure out the links between ALEC and all the crap that is happening in America.

AND this is absolutely unacceptable.  With the majority of Americans - including progressives being uneducated when it comes to ALEC - this is just so disappointing - as it's evident that most progressive journalists are not drawing the connections between ALEC and all the crap we are seeing and hearing that is directly related to ALEC.

As an action item - whenever you see an article written in a blog, a diary or  in progressive media and they fail to mention the legislators affiliation with ALEC - PLEASE take 30 seconds to leave a comment about that - so people can start drawing the connection between the ALEC philosophies and ALEC members - PLEASE!  Doesn't have to be a long drawn out comment - just something like - Thanks for the great article - you forgot to mention that Legislator XX is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

For more information on ALEC –
Please read this or this or this

WE must make sure that ALL ALEC members and alumni
are removed from office over the course of the next two election cycles. 

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