Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Jersey Unions Support ALEC

In a disgusting display of total ignorance or corruption four unions in New Jersey have thrown their money behind State ALEC Chair, Sen. Steve Oroho.

Operating Engineers Local 825, of Springfield, N.J.: $1,000
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 94, of Hightstown, N.J.: $4,000
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 102, of Parsippany, N.J.: $7,950
United Association of New Jersey Plumbers Local 24, of Springfield: $2,525
Source: June 18 N.J. Election Law Enforcement Commission reports

In the article (which is linked above) Oroho is quoted as saying:
"The best social program you can ever have for anybody is a private-sector job," he said.

Due to the ignorance or corruption in the unions noted above, they fail to recognize that when Oroho makes a statement like that he is talking about “private-sector” jobs that are directly related to “private sector” members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

It has been documented throughout the web the devastation ALEC focused legislators have had on our unions – look at Wisconsin, and Ohio – both ALEC run states.

In addition – these four unions are so ignorant or corrupt that they unaware that through ALEC “private sector” members union jobs are lost due to the use of prisoners to do private sector and public sector jobs - that were previously done by union members -  for 20 – 50 cents an hour – six days a week – for as many hours as the prisoners are told to work.

These four unions should be ashamed of themselves and citizens of New Jersey it is your responsibility to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with these unions – or face the consequences of an ALEC run state.

In three years of reports published by ALEC - New Jersey introduced 70 pieces of ALEC "model legislation" making it the 12th highest in the nation.

People in New Jersey need to print out and hand deliver or mail the following items to the unions listed above. 
 this report 
 and  this report
 and  this report
 and this series of six articles.

IGNORANCE is not an excuse for subverting our democracy.

WE MUST remove all ALEC members – state and federal – in the next two elections.

The fact that these four unions in New Jersey have taken this stance is beyond disgusting.

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