Tuesday, August 30, 2011

David Ober - Indiana - Gets an ALEC Endorsement

Either MR. Ober is the dumbest person in Indiana  OR he is already a member of the American Legislative Exchange council - ALEC.

On Ober's campaign site he includes a full page endorsement - with picture - from Mitch Harper.  On that page in the last paragraph - as an explanation of Mr Harper's qualifications to give such a hardy endorsement to Mr. Ober is the following statement:
Mitch also served as the Indiana State Chairman for the American Legislative Exchange Council. Elected at age 22, he was the youngest member of the Indiana House of Representatives.
And then you have this from Ober's campaign site:
State Sens. Jim Banks, R-Columbia City, and Carlin Yoder, R-Middlebury, announced last week they will endorse David Ober for the 82nd District state representative seat.
Banks and Yoder are both confirmed as having ALEC affiliations!

Harper, Banks and Yoder are all endorsing someone they like - someone who they share values with and those values include an ALEC philosophy of free-market economy and pro-corporate legislation in every state legislature across the United States.  ALEC's philosophy is corporatist and anti representation of, by and for the people.

MR. Ober is the either the dumbest person in Indiana  OR he is already an ALEC member.
Dumb, ...................................dumb, dumb, dumb or ALEC, ALEC, ALEC

If you MUST vote Republican (and the reasoning behind doing that is something I truly cannot understand at all)  in order to save our democracy from ALEC  - you must be willing to ask Mr Ober to sign a pledge stating

That neither they nor any member of their staff currently belong to and will ever belong to ALEC.  
  • That at no time during their time as a public servant will they attend any meeting held by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). 
  • And at no time during their time as a public servant will they introduce, author or co-author any legislation produced by ALEC. 
  • And as a public servant they will represent the people and will hold strong against any legislation introduced that is ALEC “model legislation” - legislation which favors corporations that belong to ALEC and has no redeeming properties in its entirety for the public and are detrimental to the citizens of Tennessee.
If Ober is a patriotic American, Republican candidate - if he is a true public servant - who believes with every bone in his body - that representation of, by and for the people is the American way he will sign the pledge and kick ALEC out of the legislative arena in Indiana.

For more information on ALEC –

And watch this news video  from North Carolina on how ALEC "model legislation" is going to screw the citizens of North Carolina - legislation introduced by ALEC legislators.

To everyone else who doesn't have a belief that they have to vote for a Republican - please support your Democractic candidate so they will defeat Mr Ober - boots to the ground - PLEASE!

A vote for an ALEC leaning candidate -
is a vote for greater pro-corporate representation and legislation  in your state,
is a vote against small and medium size business in your state,
is a vote against representative government for the people, and
is a vote against the very beliefs of the United States of America.

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