Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cravaack (MN) - Ex-Union Member AND

you have to read this - proves he is the scum of the pond!!!!!

From the Daily KOS - If you folks aren't reading it you really need to be reading it.
The only reason I post their stuff is in case you aren't reading the DAILY KOS AND as I said, you should be!!

[A] lit­tle over­looked fact about Chip Cravaack is that he worked as a pilot for the North­west Air­lines as recently as 2007 and being a pilot means that you are a mem­ber of a Union, thus receiv­ing the ben­e­fits of union nego­ti­ated salaries, vaca­tions and ulti­mately, dis­abil­ity payments.
Recent finan­cial records released by Cravaack showed that he received  $92,273 in 2010 from dis­abil­ity pay­ments he received from North­west. At this very same time Cravaack was receiv­ing his checks, he was cam­paign­ing in Min­nesota promis­ing to end “big gov­ern­ment,” and often using the usual Repub­li­can talk­ing points of bash­ing unions.
Oh, and by the way, Chip Cravaack is also a vet­eran, which means that in addi­tion to his gov­ern­ment pro­vided health care in Con­gress, he also gets ben­e­fits from the VA, allow­ing him to go to any government-owned Veteran’s Admin­is­tra­tion facil­ity in the nation and receive what he and Tea­party calls, “social­ized medicine.”

From me...
does anyone have proof that he is an ALEC member?????????????????????

Self-centered, selfish, arrogant, little bastard if you ask me.  The union and government bennies are good enough for him to use - but no one else should have them.  Betcha he's planning on drawing social security and medicare and his government pension (by then only government employees will be eligible for Social Security and Medicare - cause US legislators like this piece of elephant dung will make sure they get all the money and the bennies - while the rest of us can sleep under a god-damn bridge and eat catfood.)

I hope his mother is ashamed of him and tells him so.
If I was his mom - I would be ashamed of his behavior and I would tell him so!
(I've been called a shithead already today - so I will pass it on to whomever I want and Cravaack is the recipient of all my ire.)

And because he's a guy - I curse him with the worst case of crotch rot that the Mayo clinic will ever see (because he's one of the privileged few that can go to the Mayo clinic for treatment)

Talking about the Mayo clinic - did you know that Mayo reclassified themselves in Arizona as "a research" facility (could've been a teaching facility) - so they wouldn't have to take Medicare patients anymore in the good ole retirement capital of the world - Arizona, and they don't take Medicare patients in their Arizona facilities - here's only one article of may about it.    I can't go to Mayo - literally - I tried - I offered to pay them cash - full price - no insurance, money up front and they turned me down - I really hate Mayo - must be run by Republicans.

Back on point - regardless of whether Cravaack is an ALEC member or not - this smarmy little piece of shit needs to be thrown out of office this next election - he can go live off his union and veteran benefits.  Let him eat catfood and live under a bridge.  .  If you folks in his district can't do that - well.................

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