Saturday, August 6, 2011

IMHO - Saturday Night Ode to ALEC

ALEC members are morally depraved
Politically – they can not be saved
They suck at the teat
Of the corporate elite
Too stupid to see they’re enslaved.

ALEC members are no better than whores
Giving corporate johns what they ask for
They should be seen from afar
As the traitors they are
Rotten bastards right down to the core.

Some may say that I’m being too mean
ALEC members are not what they seem
Well, they lie and they steal
from the public with zeal
no better than treacherous thieves.

ALEC members, its time to take heed
We’re sick of your corporatist greed
You're at the end of the road
Your ass has to go
We’ll replace you with people we need.

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