Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Someone Needs to Tell the World - ALEC is NOT the USA!

I saw this snip on the front page of Think Progress just now:
House Republicans will introduce legislation today that would restrict the nation’s U.N. contributions “to only the specific purposes outlined by Congress” and would withhold any funding for a U.N. agency that “helps Palestinian refugees.” Noting that the U.N. has never promoted American interests more, a Better World Initiative said the bill would “severely erode America’s leadership role” and “undermine our nation’s security.”

And it made me think of this: piece from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
The Case for Expanding ALEC’s Role in International Affairs

"The common conservative mistrust of the United Nations is well-known. While there are many reservations one may have regarding the organization, two of the strongest and most often-cited are these: First, at its core, the UN exists fundamentally to forfeit the sovereignty of nations in favor of the consensus of the international community. The notion of handing U.S. sovereignty off to any other power is anathema to many of us, and rightly so. Second, the UN has demonstrated that it is often unable to efficiently implement the powers and regulations it has pursued. Even if one is concerned with the purpose of the organization, there is cause for even greater concern regarding whether the UN is capable of carrying out that purpose well and wisely.

This is why ALEC aims to apply for membership as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in consultative status with the UN. If successful, our voice would be added to a chorus of over 3,000 organizations, including the AARP, the American Psychological Association, Lawyers Without Borders, and the Salvation Army. Achieving consultative status with the UN would give ALEC a new and unique edge in its mission to defend itself and its clients against governments, policies, and global trends that continue to challenge our individual liberties and free market interests."

We all know or should know that ALEC has expanded it's reach beyond the United States having infiltrated many countries of the world.  They are currently fighting labeling of cigarettes in Australia in an effort to maintain revenues for their corporate sector members.

ALEC Acknowledges the following people as ALEC International Legislators
MEP Richard Ashworth, United Kingdom
Senator Cory Bernardi, Australia
MEP Adam Bielan, Poland
MEP Martin Callanan, United Kingdom
MEP Philip Claeys, Belgium
MP David Darchiashvili, Georgia
MEP Niranjan Deva, United Kingdom
MEP Cristofer Fjellner, Sweden
Dr. Liam Fox, United Kingdom
MEP Daniel Hannan, United Kingdom
MP Chris Heaton-Harris, United Kingdom
MEP Roger Helmer, United Kingdom
Assemblywoman Ayesha Javed, Pakistan
MEP Syed Kamall, United Kingdom
MEP Michal Kaminski, Poland
MEP Miroslaw Piotrowski, Poland
MEP Ivo Strejcek, Czech Republic
MEP Robert Sturdy, United Kingdom
MEP Konrad Szymanski, Poland

And there's this incredibly stupid legislator who made this comment at an ALEC function in Europe:
“We [Czech Republic] know how much we owe to America for being free. We are in the battlefield in the war on terror. We are standing firmly next to our American allies and we – faithful to our unprecedented history – care for being serious, solid and trustworthy allies.”

He evidently thinks that his association with ALEC is somehow messed up with their freedom.  Someone needs to tell this guy - that the longer he associates with ALEC - the less freedom they will have and their "ally" is not ALEC - it is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

When is this going to stop?  When are we finally going to say "Enough is Enough" around the world and stop this takeover of the world by free-market nut jobs that were pulled from the brink of bankruptcy by the Koch brothers, so that the ALEC could continue it's rule of terror around the world.

ALEC must be destroyed and the main way to destroy it is to remove all legislators - worldwide from the grips of this destructive, facist organization.  Around the world we MUST work to make sure that all people associated to ALEC are NOT re-elected in every town, every country - every nation.  ALEC must be destroyed.  If we do not - every country in the world will be ruled by the "Camera dei Fasci e delle Corporazioni".

"If classical liberalism spells individualism,
Fascism spells government.
But not a government of, by, and for We The People -
instead, it would be a government of, by, and for the most powerful corporate interests in the nation."
"The Doctrine of Fascism" - Benito Mussolini, 1923

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