Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ALEC Annual Meeting Starts Today 8/3/2011

Do you know where your legislator is?

They are probably in New Orleans signing the paperwork to transfer their cut to their offshore bank accounts.

When your ALEC politician says
they want
smaller government.

They really mean
get rid of government and make way for
privatization of government services for ALEC private sector members.

We MUST remove ALL ALEC members form the state and federal government over the next two elections.
This is the only action that makes sense and will destroy this corrupt organization.

Reading blogs won't eliminate ALEC.
Making more lists won't eliminate ALEC.

We have to speak with our vote and with our boots to the ground to make sure these ALEC assholes are not re-elected.

All new candidates should be required to sign a pledge that says:
They are not a member of ALEC.
They will never join ALEC.
They will never support ALEC model legislation.
No member of their staff will be a member of ALEC.

The time is now - you are the catalyst for change.  The fate of American democracy is in your hands.

Do nothing and live with the consequences.
Do something and make a change for the better.

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