Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Minnesota Politically Active Dems and Liberals - Please take note

I received this from my state legislator.
The only reason he writes to me is because I am sure he is an ALEC member - but he denies it (funny thing about how he went to a training in Washington DC at the same time as State and Nation Summit - )

I don't like him - but paragraph two and three are important for all Minnesota citizens to know and it has not been publicized in the news or elsewhere that I have seen it.

I'm wondering if this information is only being handed out to the Republicans only- that would have been the only people at this particular town hall.  I'm thinking they only want comments and suggestions from Repugs.

Dear Neighbor,
I want to thank all the local citizens who attended the town hall meeting I hosted last week.
The wide variety of opinions made for a very productive discussion and the diverse perspectives constituents shared with me are helpful in preparing for the 2012 legislative session. It is important for me to hear from as many District XXX residents as we ramp up to January and I encourage you to continue providing me with your opinions.

A key topic of discussion at the town hall meeting was reform and we can expect to hear a lot more about it in the upcoming months. We are in the process of putting together a package of new government efficiency measures called "Reform 2.0" and are looking for suggestions on what we can do to help improve the way our state operates. Our goal is to engage all Minnesotans – citizens, businesses, nonprofits, local governments, public sector employees – in this process.

I always welcome your input via email, phone, or face-to-face conversations, but you can also take advantage of social media to submit your reform ideas. There is a Facebook page at and you also can follow @reform2 on Twitter. It is important to receive a wide variety of ideas as to how we can reform, innovate and redesign state government and I hope you will participate.

Enjoy the final weeks of summer and I will send out word when another town hall meeting is in the works.

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