Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finding "ALEC" - Basic Searches

Now  ...........   I know there are some of you out there that are a lot more sophisticated in your internet search protocol - but this is meant for the common person who isn't a techie and has no desire to be a techie and can't understand a damn thing a techie says or writes ( aka Google Blogger Help).

If you are a sophisticated search engine god or goddess - you can ignore this post - but on the other hand you may want to give it to other people to use - people who aren't gods and goddesses when it comes to using search engines.

Yesterday someone came to this site using the following search parameters.
ALEC -guinness -baldwin

There are a lot of people out there with the first name ALEC which can make your search frustrating.

There are also a lot of citizen journalists who forget that "ALEC" is an acronym and has to be part of the phrase American Legislative Exchange Council - every time it is used.  Unfortunately they don't do that - so we have to use "ALEC" as our key search word.

Therefore - if you aren't being more selective in your search - you're getting a lot of junk and wasting a lot of your valuable time and probably getting really frustrated.

Google limits you to 32 search parameters, so my suggestion is that your search for items related to the American Legislative Exchange Council "ALEC" might look something like this.

"ALEC" "legislation" -guinness -baldwin -isaacson -bradley -woolsey -monopoly -lyons -segall -frear -martinez -nevala -wood -mapa -evan -benzer -stone -ogletree -ross -williams -lomami -solomita -blume -brownstein -werner -longstreth -gross -saunders -soth -waugh -bartos

"ALEC" "legislator" -guinness -baldwin -isaacson -bradley -woolsey -monopoly -lyons -segall -frear -martinez -nevala -wood -mapa -evan -benzer -stone -ogletree -ross -williams -lomami -solomita -blume -brownstein -werner -longstreth -gross -saunders -soth -waugh -bartos

OR (not quite as good)
"ALEC" "alumni" -guinness -baldwin -isaacson -bradley -woolsey -monopoly -lyons -segall -frear -martinez -nevala -wood -mapa -evan -benzer -stone -ogletree -ross -williams -lomami -solomita -blume -brownstein -werner -longstreth -gross -saunders -soth -waugh -bartos

"ALEC" "private sector member" -guinness -baldwin -isaacson -bradley -woolsey -monopoly -lyons -segall -frear -martinez -nevala -wood -mapa -evan -benzer -stone -ogletree -ross -williams -lomami -solomita -blume -brownstein -werner -longstreth -gross -saunders -soth -waugh -bartos

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