Friday, August 5, 2011

ALEC on the Deficit Talks and the FAA Stall - Historically speaking

A view from the Chairman
State Senator Ray Powers, Colorado
ALEC 1995 National Chairman
The federal budget train finally wrecked, just as so many said it would. Nearly 800,000 non-essential federal workers were placed on indefinite furlough**"

So far, the wreck produced no mortal injuries, only inconveniences. And it appears that those who told us no one would notice if the government shut down were right; we learned that we could live without many of these non-essential services — the remainder we can privatize.


But the new Congress has recognized the danger of continuing down the path of deficit spending, and a new culture of fiscal responsibility is emerging. But it won't easily — or quickly — replace the old culture of fiscal recklessness. And it won't do so without the type of fights we are now seeing between Congress and the White House. Broad historical changes that deeply alter a culture's perspective come slowly and painfully.  

* *(If they are non-essential, then why does the government insist on employing them? Their status and the furloughs only legitimize our argument that the federal bureaucracy has grown far beyond its intended limitations. Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation has suggested the budget hawks introduce legislation to eliminate all the portions that have been deemed nonessential just to make a point. I think he has the right idea.)

This was written in 1995.
ALEC has been preparing for this day / this year for over 15 years.
This is what their alumni - Cantor, Boehner and Morris-Rodgers have been trained to believe.

If you think this is going to change - I have some oceanfront property I can sell you in Minnesota.

WE have to make sure ALEC legislators (and ALEC alums at the Fed)  ARE NOT re-elected.

And they DON'T give a damn about you and me - we can be privatized!

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