Friday, August 26, 2011

This is Where We F#ck Up.

Every weekend when I'm watching TV, I see an article about something that happened yesterday - that I really would have liked to have gone to - but didn't know about it.

Same thing today.

Saw a tweet that intrigued me - jumping through mutlitple links brought me to this website
It wasn't easy to get there.

And all I can think of is - how in the hell did I miss knowing about this?
Where was this advertised?
It's not like I live under a damn rock - it's not like I don't dig around on the web.
Where in the hell was the announcement for this posted?  How do I find out about stuff like this?

It appears that the Uptake is scheduled to do live streaming - why didn't I know about this before now?  (Please donate to the Uptake so they can continue to do this type of broadcasting)

Who is at that meeting anyhow and what decisions are they making -
are they making decisions that the rest of us - who didn't know about it - may not agree with?

Probably tonight, tomorrow or the next day -
there will be declarative statement made about "Democracy in The Midwest"
and most of us will wonder - "Where in the hell did that come from?"

It's who you don't know in today's society that gets you screwed!

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