Friday, August 19, 2011

In MInnesota - ALEC is Going to GROW

That's what this "GOP" operative believes.
It is our responsibility as citizens of Minnesota to prove this "GOP" operative  - is wrong.

We will not let the number of  American Legislative Exchange Council - ALEC -  members grow in Minnesota!

Despite the unfriendly media attention ALEC has received recently, it’s unlikely that the ranks in the Minnesota Legislature will dwindle anytime soon, one GOP operative said.

“[Republican lawmakers] really feel like this group represents what they believe in, what they are trying to accomplish,” the source said, “and I only think you’re going to see their numbers grow next year as the focus shifts to policy issues instead of the budget. I think only [the 2012 election] can bring [ALEC’s] numbers down.”

I think the 2012 elections will definitely bring ALEC numbers down in Minnesota.

It is the responsibility of EVERY person in Minnesota to make sure that no more ALEC legislation gets pass being introduced until we can eliminate these ALEC loving Koch-roaches in the 2012 elections.

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  1. Double ditto.

    But people must get cracking and work together.