Saturday, August 25, 2012

Albrecht (WI) - ALEC's Unholy Alliances

Kelley Albrecht, Candidate for the 63rd Assembly in Wisconsin released a press release on Friday – that is well worth the read – for every person in every state.

This is not only about Wisconsin – it is about the behavior of the legislative members of the American Legislative Exchange Council across the United States.  Why???? Because ALEC members across the United States have enacted a preponderance of statues and lobbyist policies around the United States that favor ALEC meetings and ALEC lobbyists

It is about the nastiness of the American Legislative Exchange Council – across the United States.  It is about ALEC’s on-going behavior of deceit and manipulation of state governments, and the American people.

Burlington , WI Candidate for the 63rd Assembly, Kelley Albrecht     Albrecht, noting that 43 Wisconsin Republican legislators have accepted from corporations lobbyist money allegedly disguised as ‘scholarships’.

 “The average voter needs to know that these legislators travel to posh 5-star resorts, receiving reimbursement for travel expenses, meals and lodging -- meeting behind closed doors with corporate lobbyists, who promote a legislative agenda benefiting corporations at the expense of voters and homeowners in our local districts, said Albrecht. “While A.L.E.C. claims these ‘scholarships’ are ‘blind’ – that is, A.L.E.C. claims legislators do not know which corporations are providing this money, this apparently is not true. State A.L.E.C. chairs receive information showing the identity of their corporate benefactors. This creates an unholy alliance between Wisconsin Republican legislators and corporate lobbyists, at a time when our legislators should be – according to their oath of office – representing the will of the electorate. Our elected representatives should avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest”, said Albrecht.

“We now know these reimbursements are not ‘blind’ and lobbyists can unfairly represent corporate interests at meetings that are closed to the public, said Albrecht, “But, that is not all. A review of Campaign Finance Disclosures shows not all Wisconsin legislators are properly disclosing receipt of these funds. Furthermore, we do not know whether legislators are receiving monies in excess of the actual cost of travel expenses. And, if our legislators know exactly which corporations are funding travel to posh resort destinations – or monies in excess of those expenses - one could make the case these corporations are influencing our legislators’ votes, actions and judgments.


Voters who have an interest in these issues can watch the next meeting of the G.A.B. board on  scheduled for Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 9:00am – 4:30pm at the State Capitol, Room 412-E in Madison, Wisconsin.

Read the whole thing  >>>HERE<<<<

They lie - they cheat - they steal from the taxpayers
and they hide it all behind a 501c3 status
ALL ALEC Legislative members and ALEC Alumni
MUST NOT be re-elected.

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