Sunday, August 26, 2012

Presidential Preference Poll - Who Are Those Women?

A picture from a Thinkprogress article this morning:

Voter ID will kill those odds.
That's what it was designed to do.
Voter ID is all about race - don't kid yourself.

But the women?
Can you tell me who the 41% of women who prefer Romney are?
Are they the women who like good hair - in a white type of way?
Are they the women who wish they had married rich?
Are they the women who want to be required to be barefoot, stay home and have babies and cook for their misogynist spouses?
Are they the women who want to be denied the right to vote if the GOP wins?
Are they part of the estimated 40 - 50% of women who are not even registered to vote.

Do YOU know a woman who is not registered to vote?
Get them registered to vote!
Get them to the polls in November!

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