Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan - The Death Panel for Retirees

Today when Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate - I literally saw my life and death flash before my eyes.  And that was not  just a metaphor - it is a statement of fact based on data from the Ryan plan.

Romney/Ryan - The Death Panel for Retirees
You see I'm an old fart and without Medicare  - I will die sooner.

From Think Progress - a chart that should open the eyes of all people entering retirement, in retirement, AND those who even care a little bit about their parents and grandparents.

$6,000 per year more - is more than half my social security payment (which the Ryan plan will slash or eliminate also).

You see - I'm not going to continue working until I'm 70, 75 or 100 years old.
I'm tired and I want to retire after being in the workforce for almost 45 f#cking years.

BUT - I'm not going to be able to afford healthcare under the Romney/Ryan plan - so I best get my life in order, update my will and get ready to die sooner than I had planned - because in 2022 I WILLNOT be using over 1/2 my social security to pay for the luxury known as healthcare.

Helluva way to start off your weekend - thinking about dying.

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