Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another GOP Medicare LIE!!!

Chuck Grassley, the senior Republican senator from Iowa
Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer.

How about the Paul Ryan pick for VP?
A good thing or a bad thing?

Very definitely a good thing 

Cutting Medicare or changing Social Security in some important way

Not cutting Medicare, the issue is preserving Medicare
A lot of people come to my town meetings and
“They would say - just leave my Medicare alone”

Then that gives me the opportunity to say to them
    We can just leave your Medicare alone
    but there wouldn’t be any Medicare after 2024

Well, that gets them thinking
That gives them good omen that there is a guy like Ryan on the ticket.

Well that gets them thinking all right.
They calculate this in their head (this generation doesn’t need a calculator for simple math) and says – in twelve years – there won’t be any Medicare in twelve years, unless I vote for Romney – Oh my God!!!”

ANOTHER GOP LIE to seniors about Medicare.
Scaring old people - to vote for Romney - becausetheycan.

BTW:  A little ALEC trivia
Grassley -
Tweeted that people should boycott Coke cause they dumped ALEC

Tells you where his alliances lie.

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