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Biking for ALEC Awareness

What a GREAT idea!!!!!

In its entirety.

   August 4, 2012
    By: Brandi Palmer

Occupy Fort Collins plans ALEC Bike Tour for Saturday September 22, 2012.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has recently lost over 30 high profile clients when its ties to Florida gun laws came to light after Trayvon Martin was killed. Before this incident, campaigns had been actively brought forth across the nation to educate the populous regarding ALEC and its influence on public policy. Another example of ALEC work is the policy that allows oil and gas companies the loophole to not identify chemicals used that poison local water supplies during Fracking.

ALEC works like a conservative think tank to research and write policy that benefits corporations and profit driven goals. After a policy concept is written, it is taken to policy makers with campaign money.

The ALEC board members represent companies such as: AT&T, Bayer Corporation, Glaxo Smith Kline, Exxon Mobile, Koch Companies Public Sector and Walmart according the the website. Common Cause publishes a list of the current members of ALEC.
The old cartoon, School House Rocks has inspired a parody regarding ALEC: video here. Also, here is the poster for the most recent ALEC "call to action" that happened a few weeks ago in Salt Lake City.

Occupy Fort Collins plans an entertaining and educational bicycle route for "a three to four hour bike ride" including visits to local ALEC group businesses. At each visit a fun and informative presentation will be offered, as well as a Wellness Greet Team. Donations of (water, snacks, vehicle follow, medic) to help the Wellness Team support the ALEC riders will be accepted by emailing

Following the bike ride, a movie night will be offered to discuss the ideas presented throughout the bike ride and the movie. Koch Brothers Exposed is one of the movie options being discussed with more details to be announced as the date approaches closer. Watch for more information in the coming weeks.

And it also happens to be World CarFree Day. Another great reason for a bike ride!

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