Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If GOP Wins - Medicare will be gone in 2013

The GOP scare old people by telling them that Medicare will be gone in 2024 if the Dems win in 2012.

BUT – if the GOP wins in 2012 – MEDICARE (as we know it) WILL BE GONE IN 2013.

From the GOP Platform
The first step is to move the two programs [Medicare and Medicaid] away from their current unsustainable defined-benefit entitlement model to a fiscally sound defined-contribution model,” the draft platform reads. “While retaining the option of traditional Medicare in competition with private plans, we call for a transition to a premium-support model for Medicare, with an income-adjusted contribution toward a health plan of the enrollee’s choice. This model will include private health insurance plans that provide catastrophic protection, to ensure the continuation of doctor-patient relationships.”

Republicans want to turn it into a partially privatized system that pays seniors a fixed amount to buy their own health insurance (i.e. “defined contribution”)

most of the risk of future health-care cost increases would be shifted onto the shoulders of Medicare beneficiaries,”

The draft Republican platform claims that the competition among private insurance plans will lead to major cost savings, though little evidence exists to support this argument.

the Republican platform also champions an increase in the eligibility age — currently 65 — for those who aren’t about to retire.

The Romney/Ryan plan would eliminate the protection that keeps a married couple from impoverishing itself to qualify for nursing home coverage.

Mr. Ryan, who rose to prominence on the Republican barricades with a plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system, never uttered the word “voucher” to the convention. He said Medicare was there for his grandmother and mother, but neglected to say that he considers it too generous to be there in the same form for future grandmothers (while firmly opposing the higher taxes on the rich that could keep it strong). He never mentioned his plan to abandon Medicaid on the doorstep of the states, or that his budget wouldn’t come close to a balance for 28 years.



Seniors - good luck buying privatized insurance if you have a pre-existing condition like cancer, heart disease, diabetes or anything else.

Say GOOD-BYE MEDICARE if the GOP wins.

The GOP threatens that Medicare will be gone in 2024 if the Dems win in 2012.
BUT – if the GOP wins in 2012 – MEDICARE WILL BE GONE IN 2013.

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