Thursday, August 16, 2012

You are Funding ALEC with your eBay Acct - Shame!!!

Come to think of it, eBay.
It’s about time you #DumpALEC

What ever it is, you can get it on eBay.
Including the destruction of democracy
Including the retail corruption/destruction of the free market eBay supposedly supports

Shop victoriously!
Buy a legislator!
At ALEC meetings – where ALEC legislator are willing to be sold at the lowest possible price
The “red, white & blue” light bargain for American Corporations

From collectibles to cars, buy and sell all kinds of items on eBay
Buy legislation that increases corporate profits at the expense of the American Public.
Sell democracy to anyone who is willing to buy it and destroy it through ALEC legislation.

Ask ALEC, they will tell you - 
You can sell a democracy with the money that eBay "donates" (Hah!) to you
And eBay gets the highest possible return on that money they give to ALEC.

Buy it, sell it, love it
Buy a legislator at ALEC.
Buy legislation from ALEC
Support ALEC using the money from Americans who “sell it” on eBay

And EBay Loves-it!
– Having state and federal legislators and government employees their pocket
– becaustheycan
 bought and paid for
 with the profit they make from EBay online merchants and consumers
        (like you and you and you and you and …)

It doesn’t cost eBay a thing to destroy American democracy
– EBay online merchants and consumers
– provide EBay with the cash needed to destroy America.
        (like you and you and you and you and …)

eBay merchants and consumers
Destroying the US democracy
By doing business with EBay

eBay ho uses that money to fund the right-wing extremist organization destroying democracy – the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

The ALEC free-market at work.
  eBay can buy legislation and legislators
  You can DumpeBay if they don’t DumpALEC
  By doing business with EBay - YOU are funding ALEC.

Buying legislators
Buying legislation
Selling out the American people

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