Monday, August 27, 2012

Six More Companies #DumpALEC

Six more companies have indicated that they are cutting, or have cut, ties to ALEC:
General Electric (GE),
Western Union,
Sprint Nextel,
Symantec (maker of Norton antivirus software),
Reckitt Benckiser Group (a British consumer goods company that makes such brands as French's mustard, Woolite, Lysol, Clearasil, Durex, and D-Con), and
Entergy (a power plant company headquartered in New Orleans).

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They supposedly kicked the American Legislative Exchange Council to the curb - and sooner than later hopefully ALEC will end up in the gutter where they belong, for their anti-democratic stances!

From BetterUtah
In an article that reeks of ALEC secrecy in relation to re-districting

Government and the people are not two distinct entities. 
Government IS the people, 
formed BY the people and, 
in a representative democracy, 
is elected to do the business OF the people.


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