Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Keisling (TN-ALEC) Has Got to Go!

From the Huffington Post

a Tennessee Republican state lawmaker said via a mass email last week.

Right after the ALEC annual meeting – wonder if he was there taking notes.

Keisling’s assistant, Frankie Anderson, confirmed that the email was sent “at Keisling’s request” from a state account under the name of Holt Whitt, who is identified in the email as Keisling’s assistant. Anderson said he is filling in for Whitt.

Well what did this idiot member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) write in his email?
Are you ready?
Are you sure?

[He] emailed constituents Tuesday morning with a rumor circulating in conservative circles that President Barack Obama is planning to stage a fake assassination attempt in an effort to stop the 2012 election from happening.

Rep. Kelly Keisling (R-Byrdstown) sent an email from his state email account to constituents containing a rumor that Obama and the Department of Homeland Security are planning a series of events that could lead to the imposition of "martial law" and delay the election.

Rep. Kelly Keisling (R-38), ALEC Civil Justice Task Force Member [31]

Civil Justice Task Force Member of ALEC - 
After he got caught – after he had sent it out to all his constituents – after
He expressed his regrets for sending the email.

We have to make sure these ALEC NUTS 
are not re-elected in the upcoming elections!!!!

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