Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NCSL - Not Fun for ALECers

I love it when one Republican gives me enough materials to write for a week.

Here are some of the blatherings of a Republican – by the name of Ron Nehring – who use to be president of the California Republicans, then tried to be the Treasurer for the RNC – lost both in January 2011.  Before July 2011 – the name Nehring and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  – don’t come in contact with each other in a web search
– after he lost his positions in the RNC – he found and now loves the ALEC gods.

Might be important to know this guys name - cause he is looking for a real job (he's a consultant now) and appears to tbe an born again ALEC-er.

Before I get started some web gossip about Nehring:
"Ron Nehring an important piece on Norquist's chessboard," states a report titled Target San Diego: The Right Wing Assault on Urban Democracy and Smart Government. Prepared for the Center on Policy Initiatives, a progressive think tank, the report reveals how the National GOP has targeted San Diego as a "battleground" and model for an alleged agenda of radically cutting government funding, permanently weakening organized labor, and aggressively moving to privatize public services....

Nehring once served as director of development and public affairs for Ridenour's Scaife and Bradley funded National Center for Public Policy,[Abramoff used the center to channel money to Delay] and worked for its Project 21, an initiative to find right-wing African American voices to criticize the leadership of civil rights organizations.

Nehring was a staunch supporter of Randy "Duke" Cunningham right up to the Duke's guilty plea...It is interesting that not a single local reporter is questioning Nehring's connections with Norquist, ATR and, ultimately, Jack Abramoff.  

And more
April 18, 2009   Michelle Malkin knows a rat when she sees one. And the rest of California taxpayers fed up with profligate spending do, too.

Looks like Malkin didn’t much care for the fetid smell of California’s Republican Party leadership when she posted about CA GOP pooh bah, Ron Nehring, getting booed off the stage during the Tea Party in Sacramento

And here is what Nehring has had to say about ALEC – well worth your time to peruse the snips below – they are a quick read (my emphasis).

Every Republican legislator should be a member of ALEC and attend every ALEC meeting.  This is especially true of legislators from states with Democrat-controlled legislatures:

ALEC has grown tremendously to become the one stop that should be mandatory for conservative legislators who want to maximize their opportunities to put our ideas into action. 

ALEC is important for conservatives because it is a clearinghouse for ideas rooted in limited government, personal liberty, and federalism.  It’s not a trade association or an industry group focused on narrow “what’s best for us” agendas, but rather a group focused on advancing the conservative cause by developing practical, effective ways to apply principles to the everyday lawmaking tasks of state legislators.

In short, if you want to advance the cause of state government, you can go to NCSL, but if your interest is in advancing conservative ideas IN state government, ALEC is where a legislator is going to accomplish the most.

I have attended meetings of NCSL, and as a conservative, it’s fair to say the meetings are not much fun,

Oops - the truth comes out.
Now we know why ALECers don't like NCSL.
Evidently there are not enough corporate freebies or a little something, something extra at NCSL meetings.

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