Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lie, Cheat, Steal - The Republican Way to Win an Election

As I mentioned yesterday – over half the speakers yesterday at the RNC were linked to ALEC.
Well of course the WSJ would write about it and of course
ALEC Loved the WSJ  article today
Because it mentioned ALEC -       ooooo, ahhhhh
And mostly because it mentioned all the ALEC creepy governors.

from the Wall Street Journal today.
Wall Street Journal – owned by Newscorp
Newscorp – ALEC member

A crisis situation also provided opportunity. For all the talk of Washington rushing headlong toward a fiscal cliff, the states have already arrived there. Years of overspending and accounting gimmicks to paper over growing state pension and health costs have collided with the economic downturn and a sudden drop-off of federal stimulus funds.
Overspending and accounting gimmicks – done by REPUBLICAN governors and ALEC state legislators –while the public wasn’t looking – but they are looking now!!!  In Minnesota - we can't get a balanced budget, cause our ALEC led legislature won't work with the governor - they need a college course on the word compromise.   And it was our ALEC-esque governor Tim Pawlenty (Tee-Paw got to cozy up to the Waltons at an ALEC meeting) that left Minnesota 5 BILLION in the hole - FIVE BILLION!

Yep – get rid of those damn employee pensions and that pesky healthcare.  God knows it is the working people who are destroying this countries economy!  God knows those people getting ready to retire or who need medical coverage don’t need that!

And yeh – it’s only the workers of the state that caused the downturn – had nothing to do with ALEC Corporate Profit Sector members and the 1% who PAID NO STATE TAXES!  Blame it on the animals - the people who go out and bust their butts off - so  the Corporations and the 1% don't have to pay taxes.

"The fiscal reality hit the states sooner, and hard, because—unlike Washington—they have to balance their budgets," says Jonathan Williams, director of tax and fiscal policy at the American Legislative Exchange Council. "The problems were simply too big to ignore anymore, and it set the stage for reforms that not long ago weren't even on the table."
Since when have states balanced their budgets?  They can’t because ALEC members won’t allow them to raise taxes because of their beholden-ness  to tax god Grover Norquist whose American for Tax Reforms is an ALEC member (and introduces a boatload of ALEC “model” legislation EVERY YEAR’)

Weren't on the table?  or do you mean on the cutting block - or the butchers table or   ...  

Nowhere have the changes been more striking than in the budget and structural reforms enacted by Mr. Christie (who took office in 2010) and Mr. Walker (who hit the ground running in January 2011). Their high-profile wins over state legislatures and unions were the first signs of reformist Republican governors taking on the public entitlements that are crowding out more vital budget priorities.
Good 'ol Scottie - hit the ground running - if you have never read SB1 and SB2 enacted the first two days good 'ol Scottie got into office - you should.  It is the ALEC manifesto - All the members of the American Legislative Exchange Council must've been wetting themselves for a week.

Should read  “were the first signs of terrorist Republican governors”

By the way – what would the “vital budget priorities” be – more tax cuts for ALEC Corporate Sector members?  More tax cuts for the 1%?  Or, selling state assets to ALEC Corporate Profit Sector members?


The Republicans CAN’T WIN
On the merit of their proposals or arguments

The Republicans CAN’T WIN
On their policies

The Republicans CAN’T WIN
On their platforms
The Republicans CAN’T WIN
On their past performance

The Republicans CAN’T WIN
On their abilities or capabilities

So Republicans have to

AND THEN Republicans have to
With ALEC Voter ID.

LIE  --  --  CHEAT  --  -- STEAL  --  -- 
The Republican way 
to win an election.

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