Saturday, August 11, 2012

ALEC - NO Positive PR Left

Had to put this out here - just becauseican.

The ALEC PR strategy has taken a new turn the past couple of weeks.

Instead of focusing PR on what the American Legislative Exchange Council represents and how good they are for America (Hah!) - now they are sending goons out onto the Internet to write articles personally attacking activists working against ALEC.

They are vetting the past of activists and spewing their "dirty little secrets" across the internet.
Has to make me wonder how much help the authors of these articles are getting from Koch funded investigators and ALEC legislators.
Makes me wonder - who's next????
Not much in my life that's very juicy - couple of divorces - smoked some dope and did some speed 40 years ago.  Never been arrested.  Most disgusitng thing thing I'm guilty of for most of my adult life - kissing Republican ass just to put food on the table & pay my bills and that - probably should be in print (lots of people being forced to do that ).

This new tactic proves that ALEC has no credibility left when it comes to their actions and policy - otherwise they would be focusing on that in their new PR policy and not on personal attacks of people who are using the first amendment rights.

Today - there is another attack on one of the many activists that are working to expose ALEC.

Today - in the middle of an article you find this
           (Full disclosure:  One of my family members works for ALEC.)

Full disclosure - probably should say
  I work for ALEC
  I share in the philosophies of ALEC
  I got paid by ALEC's PR firm to write this

When people stoop to the level of personally bashing people - rather than objectively rebutting what they are doing/saying -  that is stooping to bullying - and it appears that is the new tactic of the followers of the American Legislative Exchange Council - is bullying - 'cause there's nothing positive to write or say about ALEC.

Hell - they would privatize their own mothers!!!!!
(Just in case you haven't seen this yet)

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