Saturday, August 11, 2012

Systemic & Repetitive Republican Election Fraud

How many times are we going to let this happen?
Republican actions to steal an election – because they know they can’t legitimately win on merit.
Legitimacy of Republicans in Government
If you can’t win based on you merits - - - -
    Then steal democracy from the people.

It is not about voter fraud – it is about election fraud.
And it appears the Republicans know all about election fraud.

Nixon – Humphrey Election
The first 7 ½ minutes is worth your time

Nixon Wins

1980 Election
Carter – Reagan
The first 2 ½ minutes is worth your time

Reagan Wins

2000 Election
Gore – Bush
SCOTUS gives the win to Bush

2012 Election – VOTER ID
Again – another Republican action to steal an election – because they know they can’t win it on merit.

And 5 million votes flagrantly stolen from the Democrats, especially in the swing states where Obama currently has the edge, could easily spell a Romney victory.

The Republican strategy here is simply too blatant to be believed, hence the relatively muted press coverage on the issue. Indeed, while Republican lawmakers have been busy undermining the basic rights of Americans for months now, it was not until recent weeks that the New York Times and Washington Post started paying attention.

    In Tennessee, 96-year-old Dorothy Cooper, a lifelong voter, attempted to secure the new ID that she would need to vote in the next election. When she arrived at the DMV, she was turned away because, despite having her birth certificate, current voter registration card, and a copy of her lease, she did not have a marriage license to verify the change of name. .
     South Carolina, Debbie Freelon, who lives on disability and whose first name does not appear on her birth certificate, will not be able to vote in the next election unless she can scrape together upwards of $700 to legally update her name on that document. 

    Notre Dame University student Angela Hiss was barred from voting in Indiana because her Illinois driver's license was not accepted as proof of identification.   
  in Texas, new rules about voter ID prevent veterans from using their Veteran Administration cards to vote.  ..
    twelve nuns from St. Mary's Convent were prevented from casting ballots because they did not have government-issued photo ID.   
   Wiola Lee, 59, was born in rural Georgia  -  With the new voter ID laws, Ms. Lee is trying to access her birth certificate which she will need in order to obtain a photo ID, but the state of Georgia has no record of her birth. Without a photo ID, Ms. Lee will not be able to vote  .. 
   Ms. Decoursey, 79 was born by midwife in North Carolina and has no birth certificate which is needed to get a photo ID in Pennsylvania. 
   Bea Bookler has voted in every election since 1940  - At 93 years old, Ms. Bookler lives at an assisted living facility in Chester County, no longer posseses photo ID and does not have her birth certificate to obtain ID.
   Gloria who is 61  - Prior to the photo ID law going into affect she has been trying to get her birth certificate from South Carolina and has told her they have no birth record. Through the help of a pro bono lawyer, she learned that the only way to now get a "delayed" birth certificate is to seek census and other records, which will cost approximately $100, and as well as hire an attorney in South Carolina to petition the court. Ms. Cuttino will not be able to vote in November.

How many times are we going to let this happen?
Republican actions to steal an election – because they know they can’t win it on merit.

We must take action NOW – IN THIS ELECTION – NOW to make sure that people get registered to vote in time

Deadlines to register to vote in November are coming up FAST!!!

If you are reading this blog – you probably have the money and you probably have time you can use to help get people registered to vote.

If you sit on you ass and just keep reading blogs – the Republicans will steal this election.
Now is the time to become an activist and not just a part of the keyboard militia.

Don’t rely on just any webpage – they could be fraudulent – maybe even set up by Republicans to steal registrations.

An option
EVERY Democratic precinct chair and vice chair across the United States should be requesting a list of past voters, recruiting volunteers and visiting every past voter – personally, to make sure they have the necessary documentation to be able to vote, this year

And if someone does not have the proper documentation – making sure that they are connected with a volunteer who will help them get registered and if need be pay the poll taxes necessary to make sure the person can get registered.

This is NOT a time to say it can’t be done – this is a time to say, how can we get this done.

Another option
is to contact
in your state and ask how you can get involved.

Another option
There is a voter registration link on
The right side of the page.

EVERY ONE (regardless of party) should have the right to vote and we have to make sure they can – that is what being a member of a democratic republic – with representation of, by, and for the people is all about.

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