Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters - Is this what RNC democracy looks like?

First they stick the Ron Paul supporters in the nosebleed seat – including the Minnesota delegates
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Then they put into place policies to silence Ron PaulSupporters
If supporters of Ron Paul hadn't been clear about it all up until now, perhaps now they'll get the message: the Republican Party wants absolutely nothing to do with them --- and they're not crazy about that whole "democratic process" thing either. In fact, they despise it.
Check out this entry on Brad Blog

THEN RNC Security confiscated ALL the Ron Paul signs

Ron Paul delegates on Wednesday accused convention security guards of confiscating their signs in support of the former presidential candidate in order to bolster the image of official nominee Mitt Romney.
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Then the Ron Paul Supporters walked out
And check out this entry from the LA Times
Ron Paul supporters walk out of GOP convention

So my question to all Ron Paul Supporters across the US
How does it feel to be treated like a Democrat by your own party?
Is this what RNC democracy looks like?

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