Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday GOP Speaker Lineup - Mostly ALEC

Tuesday GOP Speaker Line-UP
Rick Santorum
Chris Christie
Nikki Haley - ALEC
Scott Walker - ALEC
John Kasich - ALEC
Bob McDonnell - ALEC
Ted Cruz
Cathy McMorris Rodgers - ALEC
Kelly Ayotte
Jack Gilchrist – not a politician, just a GOP business mouthpiece
Sher Venezuela

It is important to note that these ALEC people are referred to by ALEC as "alumni" - BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN that they are not still active in ALEC.

It has been documented that Haley has a LIFETIME LEGACY membership - so you have to ask yourself - why would she be a lifetime member - if she wasn't still active ALEC? 

It is also important to note - that because of the secretive nature of the American Legislative Exchange Council - we do not know who all their members are.  They refuse to release the list of present and past members - so it is possible that ALL these politicians are ALEC - we just don't know it.

WHY is it important to keep the ALEC membership secretive?
What is ALEC doing that is so horrendous that - like the KKK - the public is not allowed know who are legislative members of ALEC?

And it is important to note - that most ALEC members are so embarrassed of their link to this extremist organization that most of them won't admit they belong to ALEC.

Cruz is most likely ALEC also
From interstate compacts to the so-called Madison Amendment, available tools have been thoroughly discussed in “Reclaiming the Constitution: Towards An Agenda for State Action”9 and “Shields of Federalism: Interstate Compacts in Our Constitution” 10 (both by Ted Cruz and Mario Loyola of the Texas Public Policy Foundation),

EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck: Strategies for State Legislators
© 2011 ALEC

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