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ALEC - Architect of Societal & Political Discord

Thirty years ago a writer for the San Francisco Examiner stated this.

The American Legislative Exchange Council according to both conservatives and liberals, is having more and more impact on the lives of American taxpayers and voters.
San Francisco Examiner, May, 1992
Thirty years ago.
We didn’t listen then and for thirty years ALEC has continued their reign of terror against the American public.

ALEC likes to talk a lot about “taxpayers”
I saw a quote on Google the other day – where ALEC was pontificating about “taxpayers”.
It made me wonder – how often do they talk about “taxpayers”.

Well – a review of ALEC literature shows that they talk a lot about “taxpayers”, a lot.
In fact, for over 30 years, the ALEC  has talked about “taxpayers” in a way that has led to our current state of  - societal and political divisiveness.

I think it would be safe to say that the American Legislative Exchange Council is the key architect for the societal discord that has led to the nastiness in today’s political arena.

For example:

1992 ALEC report Private Long-Term Care Insurance: The Solution For The States
Taxpayers are beginning to challenge entittlement [sic]programs which primarily benefit the elderly, siphoning funds from education, infrastructure development, and other social objectives.
ALEC – leading the way for bashing the elderly – becausetheycan

1993 ALEC Annual Meeting Presentations summary:
    public sector collective bargaining provisions burden taxpayers with inflated public payrolls,     

1997 ALEC FYI Newsletter
      this paper only asks “is it fair for public employees to realize greater wage and salary gains in comparison to the taxpayers who foot the bill?”
 ALEC – leading the way for bashing public sector employees – becausetheycan

1995 ALEC FYI Newsletter
OSHA's commitment of its limited resources to a standard that many experts believe would be ineffective, harmful, and a waste of taxpayers' money has created concern.
ALEC – leading the way for bashing federal agencies that protect the public – becausetheycan

Inside ALEC  May 2008
State Sen. Alex Mooney (an ALEC member) made copies of Sen. Cuccinelli’s letter available to every Maryland senator and delegate. “Maryland’s recent tax increase will only drive more hardworking taxpayers out of the state,” said Sen. Mooney. “We can’t keep raising taxes on businesses and workers and not expect them to react.”
ALEC – leading the way for bashing state taxation (aka revenues) – becausetheycan

As an aside - this statement is so fallacious.
Would someone please give me statistics on the number of citizens that relocate because of taxes – solely because of taxes?
But as an on-going meme from ALEC legislators - it has led to an loathing of the very financial structures that provide for our citizens and our commons - with little  regard for the outcomes of such statements.  becaustheycan

Why would ALEC focus solely on developing a discourse of societal discord that has led to the nastiness in today’s political arena?
For the ALEC profit sector members – of course

From the 2002 ALEC report Making Privatization Work
      a well-designed, well-run privatization commission can be a valuable asset to state government and taxpayers, and is one of the more politically viable foundations for broader privatization efforts.

Show Me The Money: Budget-Cutting Strategies for Cash-Strapped States
Copyright © July 2002
Bureaucratic monopolies are bad for taxpayers and public employees. When government bans competition, it communicates a message to public workers that state systems and those who run them are inferior.
To line the pockets of the ALEC corporate profit sector benefactors of ALEC

The malice of ALEC toward workers (taxpayers) and our government has not go unnoticed.
In 1995
“David Mendoza, legislative director for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), attacked ALEC's Findings”   

     he also struck out at corporate America, saying ALEC's reports were financed by big business to further justify privatization.

Mendoza lashed out at business through the savings and loan failure. He characterized the mess as an example of corporations stealing from taxpayers.

"Who gave us the savings and loan boondoggle, robbed taxpayers of billions of dollars" and forced taxpayers to pay for the theft? he asked ALEC. "It wasn't public employees. It was the private sector."

Thirty years ago.
Nothing has changed.

We didn’t listen then and for thirty years ALEC and ALEC legislators have reigned, 
 – formulating and perpetuating fictitious social tensions 
 – that have led to a imbedded political frictions that are ruining America.

It is time to say NO! to ALEC.

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