Tuesday, November 27, 2012

RWNJ - Eats Their Own: Entree is ALEC

God bless America!

"It is as if a state legislature had been reconstituted, and corporations had pushed the people out the door."
From the RIGHT WING!!!!

Bear Witness Central is a member of Florida’s TEA PARTY NETWORK and TEA PARTY PATRIOTS, has affiliations, partnerships and works also with other non-partner Pro-Constitution groups that share the same principles and values.

These right-wingers completed a serious - way serious - review of one of ALEC's reports and as their comments show below - they were NOT impressed with the ALEC report or ALEC's attempt to defend their arguments in the report.

Snips from Bear Witness Central's analysis of  ALEC’s new report:
“Proposing Constitutional Amendments by a Convention of the States”

Reading the Handbook is like watching mainstream news: disinformation, spin and lies at every turn.  However it gives us an understanding as to how the legislators are being harangued, goaded and shamed into taking this action.

Natelson states that the amendment convention is not an assembly with…
    “… wide authority, such as one charged with drafting or adopting a Constitution. Thus, it is simply incorrect to refer to a convention for proposing amendments as a ‘Constitutional Convention’. They are different creatures entirely”4
The source to which his 4th footnote refers is the book Natelson himself wrote! He quotes himself. Maybe Natelson is the only constitutional expert who conjured up this notion.

Section V. consists of two pages attempting to prove The Myth of a Runaway Convention. None of it holds water because it can’t be proven.

The answer is an outright lie.

He makes a false statement on page 18, refers to Appendix(C), Appendix (C) refers to footnote ’22′ which once again refers to his own book as the source of information. One reader called it incestuous. 

State legislators who’ve bought into this trap of “moving fast” to sponsor the resolution should be aware of the following disclaimer in the Handbook. You’ll find it in small, fine print at the very bottom of the “About ALEC” section on the first page of the Handbook. Caveat emptor!
“Nothing in this Handbook should be construed as legal advice; seek competent counsel in your own state.”

Paul Weyrich, was one of the most powerful conservative leaders of his era. Weyrich lamented the fact that we have no “shadow cabinets” like those in Europe who have parliamentary government. The only way that will happen is if the process (34 states call for a convention) is successful.

It is possible that ALEC was formed for that purpose above all others.

ALEC describes itself as a “unique,” “unparalleled” and “unmatched” organization. It might be right. It is as if a state legislature had been reconstituted, and corporations had pushed the people out the door.


Right wingers throwing the American Legislative Exchange Council under the bus 
- soon they will be throwing ALEC legislators under the bus.
The end is near! 

Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour. Pray - ALEC - Pray

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