Thursday, November 1, 2012

ALEC is watching YOUR Vote!

Don't kid yourself folks - ALEC is going to be watching every election result this year.

ALEC is going to be worrying/asking - between now and next Tuesday

Was the campaign to expose ALEC a waste of time?
We laugh at those silly people who thought they could bring us down!!  Ha-ha!!
ALEC wins - corporations win - fascism wins.
Did the campaign to expose ALEC - result in loss of power for ALEC?
Oh, NO - people were actually listening to that stuff they wrote!
Damn!  what do we do now - we lost 50% of our legislators.

What YOU do when you enter the voting booth
will determine whether ALEC stays strong
if ALEC needs to go to plan C (more corporate $$ to keep the doors open).


elect, re-elect or appoint
ALEC members
to ANY public office;
city, county, state or federal.

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