Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rogers (GA-ALEC) Right-Wing Whacko Crazy Person


Is what the leadership of the American Legislative Exchange Council looks like – whacko right-wing extremist crazies.

Georgia‘s top lawmaker, Republican Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, believes President Obama is using a Soviet-era mind control program on America to force the UN’s Communist agenda of killing small towns, moving Americans into big cities. And before you laugh or enter into some other state of non-belief, thinking no lawmaker is this ridiculous, know that there’s video of this.

And before you make some assumption about old white Republican men, you should know Chip Rogers is 44. He’s also on the Board of Directors of the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC,

In fact, he’s the Treasurer on the ALEC Board of Directors.
He is among the TOP LEADERS of ALEC.
ALEC - whacko right-wing extremist crazies
Read it and Watch it  >>>>>HERE<<<<<

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