Monday, November 26, 2012

Why AT&T Won’t #DumpALEC

Ran into this article yesterday – it’s old – took me seven months to process it
– yeh,  I’m slow sometimes and sometimes things don’t click like they should.

AT&T Discontinues Funding To Climate-Denier Heartland Institute
By Josh Israel and Brad Johnson on Apr 4, 2012 at 11:30 am

According to leaked documents, telecommunications giant AT&T gave at least $100,000 to the Heartland Institute — a tax-exempt organization which promotes conspiracy theories about climate scientists, distorts climate science, and attacks regulation of air and water pollution. In a statement to ThinkProgress Green, AT&T says its contributions are now “past.”

NOW – after seven months
   my question was
If AT&T is willing to kick Heartland to the curb
why is AT&T unwilling to kick the American Legislative Exchange Council to the curb?

ALEC gives AT&T the opportunity to write legislation.
ALEC gives AT&T closed door access to state and federal legislators.
ALEC helps AT&T destroy telecom regulation.

That’s why AT&T won’t kick ALEC to the curb.
AT&T can destroy democracy with ALEC. 
Heartland was just another tax deduction.

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