Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republicans Want ALEC GONE!!!

Yes, even Republicans are waking up and want the American Legislative Exchange Council out of the Republican party!!!  Yep - this may be one thing we all can agree on!!!

I found a blog thread this morning snipped on Google and would have normally bypassed it – but was drawn in for some unknown reason – glad I went there.

I thought – looking at the Google snip that this was probably a Dem site – but thought I’d look anyway.

I left in all the nasty bits so you would truly understand that this was not written by a Dem/liberal/progressive or independent.
Let the Post-Mortems Begin: Will The Republican Party Re-invent Itself?
Do you think the Republican Party will re-invent itself, assuming the polls hold and Romney loses Tuesday's election? I'm not sure, but I think they have to if they want to win the Presidency again. If they can't beat a failed President like Obama, who is a polarizing figure in any case, I don't see them ever winning. I don't see any superstars on the bench either.

To re-invent itself with a chance to win, I think they have to:

1. Walk away from the anti-pro-choice positions. The people like Akin in Missouri are killing them. In Massachusetts it looks like Republican Senator Brown will lose to Elizabeth "1/32 Cherokee" Warren because of late movement to Warren because of this issue.

2. Take up the real Tea Party issues. If they had done that, I feel sure they would have won the election. Instead, same old statist/big business positions. They definitely have a winning issue taking up "less Big Brother" since the Democrats seem as interested in The Surveillance State as anyone else, especially considering the re-authorization of The "Patriot" Act.

3. Run, not walk away from people like the Koch Brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council, Donald Trump, etc.

4. They have to become at least relevant in California in terms of Presidential politics - having a non-native born governor for years hurt the republicans nationally, since he could not run for President.

What does this prove?
It proves that by exposing ALEC we are impacting not only the Dems/liberals/progressives or independents – BUT THE REPUBLICANS ARE LISTENING ALSO.

Republicans at the grassroots level want ALEC gone too!
Keep up the good work folks!
This is proof that a bi-partisan anti-ALEC movement is beginning!

elect, re-elect or appoint
any ALEC member
to any public office
at the city, county, state, and federal levels.

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