Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strachota (WI-ALEC) LIES about ALEC Involvement

And this is how they lie.
ALEC LYING 101 – a core course required of all ALEC legislatures.
This course will teach you how to mislead the public by using ambiguity, to intentionally mislead and confuse the media and obscure the facts surrounding your involvement with the ALEC

Posted today (my emphasis):
The Left’s war against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) continues: Common Cause and the Center for Media and Democracy now claim in a lawsuit that five Republican members of the Wisconsin legislature have violated the state’s public records law by allegedly withholding emails that may or may not have referenced ALEC, which encourages lawmakers to promote pro-free market model legislation. State Rep. Pat Strachota (R-West Bend), who is named in the lawsuit, said she has never introduced ALEC-backed legislation and doesn’t understand why she was targeted. “I don’t feel this is a real complaint,” she said. “I feel it’s a political witch hunt. I think it’s unfortunate they’re wasting people’s time and energy. It just dumbfounds me.”

Now the Truth:

In the 2011-2012 legislative session, Rep. Strachota co-authored 12 bills that reflect ALEC models, according to an analysis by the Center for Media and Democracy.

Budget Earmark Transparency Bill Co-Sponsorship

Strachota co-sponsored Senate Bill 114 (the non-partisan WI Legislative Reference Bureau Bill Summary): "The bill requires the Legislative Fiscal Bureau (LFB) to prepare an earmark transparency report on each biennial budget bill and on each amendment thereto. The report must contain all of the following: a list of all earmarks; the cost of each earmark; and the beneficiary of each earmark. If the beneficiary is an individual, LFB must identify the assembly and senate district in which the beneficiary resides. If the beneficiary is an entity, LFB must identify the assembly and senate district in which the beneficiary is located, incorporated, or organized. With respect to an amendment to a biennial budget bill, LFB must identify the representative to the assembly or senator who proposed the earmark."[5] (SB-114)* (Compare with ALEC's "Act Relating to Creating a Searchable Budget Database for State Spending Model Language")
Rep. Strachota and Introduction of the ALEC Model “Prevailing Wage Repeal Act”

Strachota was a co-introducer of Wisconsin Assembly Bill 183[6] (AB 183)* (Compare with ALEC's “Prevailing Wage Repeal Act.”)

The American Legislative Exchange Council is so heinous that ALEC legislative members (state and federal) refuse to acknowledge their involvement with this right-wing extremist organization.

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