Friday, November 2, 2012

Bachmann FLUNKS Debate #2

Great write-up at Daily Kos on the latest Bachmann/Graves debate.
Read it >>>HERE<<<
Really - a great write-up

Bachmann does her usual duck and weave

BTW:  Her constant mentions to the Catholic church is because the RWNJ's (and some Dems) in her district will be listening to a "save the babies" sermon this Sunday at the local Catholic churches in the sixth - no lie - they do the "save the babies" sermon,  the Sunday before every election.

The sad part is Bachmann is a real top of the line nut job - did nothing for her district or the state this year - all she did was campaign for being president.   Bachmann is an embarrassment to 60% of Minnesotans - yet 66% of the voters in the sixth elect her time and again.

If you can
Donate to Jim Graves
He does have a good chance of beating Bachmann

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