Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ALEC - Purveyor of Dubious Statistics and Analysis

As reported by CMD this morning:

The critical report,
Selling Snake Oil to the States: The American Legislative Exchange Council's Flawed Prescriptions for Prosperity,
was published today by the non-partisan non-profit organizations Good Jobs First (GJF) and the Iowa Policy Project (IPP), both of which promote public policy fostering economic opportunity and smart growth for states. 

The report is an in-depth analysis on how ALEC is misleading the public with the information used in their annual report "Rich States, Poor States".  This ALEC report is widely referred to across the web and it misinforms America using dubious statistics and analysis.  This ALEC annual reports has historically been an example of "lies, damned lies and statistics"  - within the last year responsible organizations have stepped forward to point that out to Americans through their thorough analysis of the materials that ALEC distributes.

Read the entire report

Read the CMD article


"Laffer’s analysis fails to examine whether states are able to deliver on their basic duties for their residents -- like maintaining good infrastructure, supporting strong schools and higher education opportunities, or securing public safety."

"states that were rated higher on ALEC's Economic Outlook Ranking in 2007," the first year the ranking was published, "have actually been doing worse economically in the years since, while the less a state conformed with ALEC policies the better off it was."

For Example:
The state the RSPS report ranks as number one for economic outlook and number twelve for economic performance is Utah,
due to its low top marginal corporate and personal income tax rates,
flat tax, lack of estate tax,
low state minimum wage, and
Right to Work law.

But the price of these policies has been high.
Per capita income in Utah has averaged 44th out of 50 states from 2007 to 2011.
Growth in that per capita income ranked 43rd [out of 50 states].
And its poverty rate increased by 39 percent over that time period, the fourth highest increase in the states.

AND YOUR ALEC legislators are in Washington DC
right now!
Listening and believing ALEC lies 
that will destroy your states economy.

The American Legislative Exchange Council serves corporate interests, not the interests of the states, the public or this nation.

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