Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ALEC - Bunch of LOSERS!

As I wrote this I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that almost seven months ago ALEC 
hired a PR firm (Edleman) to clean up their image.  
Hey guys: “How’s that working for ya?”

I’ve looked at a lot of ALEC documents and webpages over the past years and there is something definitely missing this year – about this time.

The slimeballs in ALEC Muckety Muckville are missing something this year – and it is evident in their press releases and their webpage.

This week while they are in Washington DC for their “Summit” – a meeting that originally was designed to indoctrinate 2 new legislators, on full scholarship, from each state into the ALEC cult – there will be no celebrating in ALEC Muckville – cause this has been a bad year – a very bad year.  

As the slimeballs of ALEC descend into DC on their brooms this evening and tonight - there will be no sugarplums dancing through their vacant heads.  Tonight, there will be great sadness in ALEC Muckville. 
This year there is no joy in ALEC Muckville - because the mighty ALEC has struck out. 

While ALEC is hiding behind increased security guards, in locked rooms with hidden corporate agendas, pushing forward the implementation of the Paul Weyrich/Mark Rhoads “shadow government” – the US Capitol will be taunting them – laughing at them – silently calling them – LOSERS!

Every election cycle – about this time – 
ALEC puts out a press release
congratulating their state legislative members that have infiltrated the US Congress. 
Usually, by now, ALEC is braying like a jacka$$ about their congressional victories. 
Slapping each other on the back, smoking fine cigars, drinking amazing liquor, and eating the best steaks money can buy  -  at the ALEC Policy Summit - celebrating "ALEC seditionist Federalism".  

This year not so much –
So I wondered why not??????????

For a list of ALEC US Congressional members – go >>>HERE<<<<
And then add on the names at the bottom of this post.

If you check the list of ALEC US Congressional legislators that were up for election or re-election or check  this list of those ALEC US Congressional legislators that resigned/retired you will find the following information:

These ALEC-ers resigned from the US Congress and did not run for re-election:
Jon Kyl

Jerry Lewis

Dan Burton

Ben Nelson
Steve Austria
Dan Boren
Todd Platts

These ALEC-ers were running for re-election to the US Congress and did not get re-elected:
U.S. Rep. David Rivera (R-26)

U.S. Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-3)

This ALEC-er was running for re-election to the US Congress and is demanding a recount:
Sen. David Rouzer (currently R-12) is running for U.S. Congress in district 7
These ALEC-ers were running for election to the US Congress and did not get elected:
Secretary of State Charlie Summers (R) is running for U.S. Senate

U.S. Rep. Rick Berg (currently R-at large) is running for U.S. Senate

Former Sen. George Allen (R) is running for U.S. Senate

Former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R) is running for U.S. Senate

If you check for new members to the 113th US Congress you will find a listing that includes these ALEC-ers who were elected to the US Congress this month.

Matt Salmon (Republican, District Z05)
  attended the 1993 ALEC Annual Meeting

Paul Cook (Republican, District A08)
  received ALEC scholarship reimbursement in 2007,
  and paid 2 years of dues on 2/8/2011

Doug Collins (Republican, District A09)
  Paid two years worth of ALEC dues 11/27/2011

Jackie Walorski (Republican, District N02)
  Served on the 2010 ALEC CommTech Task Force

Deb Fischer (Republican, Senate)
  Served on the 2010 ALEC CommTech Task Force

Robert Pittenger (Republican, District C09)
  Paid for a registration to attend the ALEC States and Nation Summit
  in 2006 while running for Lt. Governor

Randy Weber (Republican, District 14)
  Served on the 2011 ALEC International Relations Task Force

And then there is Ted Cruz – who attended and spoke to the 2010 ALEC States and Nation Policy Summit meeting and was referred to (in the first 45 seconds of this clip) by Rick Perry as “the future of America”.

And of course, this is not accurate – because according to 34 new Republicans were elected to Congress.  They could all be ALEC members - we have no way of really knowing who are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council because most hide their membership to this extremist right wing organization.

ALEC net loss of two seats if you count Rouzer as a LOSER and Cruz as ALEC-er.

   Any way you look at it - ALEC was  a LOSER THIS YEAR in Congress.

Gotta get rid of more of those buttwipes in the next election.
Without legislators - ALEC will implode - and there will be no one to run their fascist shadow government.

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