Tuesday, November 20, 2012

... and the right is wrong!

This is a short post about something that has been bothering me for months.

Would you consider changing your vocuabulary.

In the United States the word "right" has been coop-ted, associated with the radical Republicans.
Because of that - everytime someone uses the word "right" - IMHO they are giving credence to "the right".

So instead of telling someone
  "they are right",
  "that is the right way to do it",
  "it was the right thing to do"
Please consider tellling them
  "they are correct",
  "that is the correct way to do it"
  "that was the correct thing to do"

That way there will be no confusion, cause
low informaiton voters have a tendency to not listen so good.
So it is our job to educate them that:
  The right is not correct.

  The left is correct.
  The right is wrong.

We know what is correct and it is not the right.

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