Monday, April 30, 2012

ALEC-ers Are Liars!

A really good article showed up in Businessweek today about ALEC

At least one member of the media has finally figured out that what ALEC says – is not exactly what ALEC does.  ALEC-ers are liars.
The article is named:
This is what I have from my tape of the interview.
    If you don’t mind me, if I can address this from a broader issue, you’ve touched on another great example. We have clearly over 800 pieces of model legislation, and they’re all there. John, me, my other, the rest of the ALEC staff, even the ALEC board, we don’t know who’s reaching in and grabbing what. It’s a library service to members, should they choose to want to use it … And they use it, and they don’t even tell us, and they may not go on the floor and say this is ALEC legislation, they have to go through, you know, what, the bill becomes theirs, so we have no idea.

Did the American Legislative Exchange Council Give Me the Full Story?

No they didn’t.
ALEC-ers are habitual liars.
ALEC-ers don’t know how to tell the truth – because
  What ALEC does is so horrendously wrong for America
  That ALEC can’t tell the truth about it.

By the time you figured out they lied -
 - ALEC had already screwed  you / your publication / editor 
-  ALEC used you and your gullibility
 - welcome to the club.

ALEC has Screwed the US for forty years.

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