Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Orrock (DEM) – GA -- DUMPS ALEC

Good news - BUT.... just because she quit doesn't mean she hasn't ditched the ALEC philosophy.
Be careful Georgia.

A Georgia state senator has agreed to leave the AmericanLegislative Exchange Council (ALEC) while other lawmakers and candidates pledge to never join the controversial corporate-funded conservative organization. Atlanta-based Coca-Cola was the first corporate member to announce its decision to quit ALEC publicly. Coca-Cola's decision created a chain-reaction that has led other companies and, now, lawmakers to follow.

Sen. Nan Orrock is the first Georgia lawmaker to quit. Through Better Georgia, Sen. Orrock released the following statement:

“As a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council for several years, having joined ALEC with the primary goal of better understanding the corporate-dominated organization, I know first-hand that ALEC is not the innocuous organization it claims to be.

ALEC is underwritten by corporate dollars to push corporate financial interests that disadvantage middle-class and working families. This group enrolls state legislators to promote its radical legislation in state after state, creating the false illusion of public support for its dangerous agenda. ALEC promotes legislation that suppresses voter participation, undermines state budgets and services, and impedes democracy.

With my departure, Georgia’s delegation to ALEC can no longer claim to be bi-partisan. Any lawmaker who cares more about Georgia residents than multi-national corporations should leave the group. We need to be focusing on real solutions for our state, not fanning the flames of wedge-issue politics.”

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