Monday, April 9, 2012

#TaketheSpring – Re-OCCUPY

6,858 Occupiers arrested as of yesterday
– that number includes 11 new arrests in Minneapolis.

It’s time to start planning your spring and summer to - Re-occupy.

Chicago, Philly and Boston have been busy the last few days.
Check out the posts >>>>HERE<<<<

Minnesota – your web page is >>>>HERE<<<<

Anywhere else for local information and planned actions  >>>Check Here for Info<<<<

More Occupy info can be found >>>>HERE<<<<.

Minnesotans – we need to step up to the plate as the occupation re-establishes.
Gotta be honest - last year tended to be wimpy - compared to what could have been.

Just get your butt down to the Plaza – Park your butt – OCCUPY
Take the time to talk with others, take the time to share your story with others, take the time to listen to others and learn.

Boomers – OCCUPY –
This is about nonviolent protest! 
Just get down to the Plaza and park your butt on a bench – OCCUPY!
Boomers you need to get your butts off the golf course & the coiuch and start helping these folks out.
Show up!
We need to show the rest of Minnesota and America that the Minnesota 99% are serious.

We need to show the Midwest that we are worthy of their support.
Occupy Minneapolis Reaches Consensus: Passes Proposal To Host Occupy The Midwest
March 24, 2012

The General Assembly of Occupy Minneapolis has passed through consensus a proposal to nominate Minneapolis, Minn. as the next city to host the Occupy The Midwest Regional Conference. This proposal has made Minneapolis a contender against other cities in hopes of hosting the next regional conference.

We will be posting more information about this as soon as an official statement is made by Occupy The Midwest organizers as to how to support this nomination, along with other details about the working group that will be formed in Minneapolis to help arrange the conference if it is chosen as the host city.

Minnesotans – we need to step up to the plate.
Show up!

Last year’s OCCUPY movement was not the end!
If you think that last year was enough – you evidently haven’t been watching or reading the news.
Nothing substantial has changed and we need to make sure our voices continue to be heard.

#TaketheSpring – Re-OCCUPY

ZERO Banksters Arrested for destroying our economy.
6,858 Occupiers Arrested For Waking Up America

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