Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cromer ( LA – R) -- DUMPS ALEC

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17 April 2012 No Comment
Rep. Greg Cromer (R-90) today announced his resignation from the American Legislative Exchange Coucil

ALEC is an association of conservative state lawmakers from around the country.  Cromer has served as chair of the Louisiana ALEC Chapter since December 2010.

Cromer emailed his resignation today to Laura Elliott, ALEC’s director of state programs.

“It has been brought to my attention that there have been meetings and/or activities with ALEC staff members within the state of Louisiana that I have not been privy to,” Cromer wrote.  “As a courtesy I believe I should have been notified as to any activities that ALEC staff were expected to participate in within the state of Louisiana.”

Cromer wrote that he is resigning fully from ALEC, and instructed the Washington, D.C.-based organization to remove him from future correspondence.

Representative Greg Cromer represents Louisiana’s 90th District (Slidell and Pearl River) in the Louisiana House of Representatives.  In his second term in the Legislature, Rep. Cromer serves as the Chairman of the Insurance Committee.  For more information on Rep. Cromer, visit or on

Not only is ALEC circling in the extremist radicals that support them  …
ALEC appears to be getting paranoid – ‘cause they aren’t sure who they can trust anymore.

Wonder how many other loyal ALEC members have been left out of important ALEC closed door meetings this past week or so?

Sucks, to be left out – doesn’t it?
That is how the rest of the United states feels about ALEC.

We can’t quit ALEC –
But we can DESTROY ALEC.

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