Monday, April 30, 2012

Voter ID - It IS All About ALEC

Gotta love that Leo Gerard.

In a posting today by him - you will find the following snips (my emphasis):

Too bad, they say, for grandma, who has voted in every election for the past 65 years but doesn't have a driver's license anymore and because she was born at home does not have a birth certificate necessary to get a government-issued photo ID.

Too bad, Republicans say, for the student whose driver's license address differs from his university address and whose college photo ID does not have an expiration date.

Too bad, the GOP says, for the urban single mother who does not have a driver's license or the time or money to apply for a birth certificate with a raised seal required to apply at another office for a state identification card.

Voter ID restrictions work for the rich. They've got birth certificates and photo driver's licenses and passports. Or they can send a servant or secretary to apply for the documents. And the more rabble removed from the polls, the more weighty the votes of the wealthy.

In the Halcyon Days of democracy, the unwashed masses were actually urged to vote with slogans like: "If you don't vote, you don't count."

Now corporations, 1 percenters and Republicans are working to ensure you don't vote because they honestly believe you don't count.

The whole post is very to the point - just like Leo.
The whole post is a must read.
The whole post is about the 99%.

The only thing the post if missing is this statement by Paul Weyrich - founder of ALEC.

Please note that by playing this clip You Tube and Google will place a long-term cookie on your computer. Please see You Tube’s privacy statement on their website and Google’s privacy statement on theirs to learn more. To view the ACLU’s privacy statement, click here.

Your ability to vote - depends on you not forgetting.

The whole issue was caused by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
- based on ALEC's power and influence in the state legislatures
- if it were not for ALEC 
- this issue 
-  would not be an issue.

PLEASE do not forget that when YOU are allowed to enter the polls and vote in November.
NO ALEC member or alumni should be re-elected - ever - in any state - anywhere.


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