Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shaming ALEC Legislators - Action Item

I have been a big fan of Keystone Progress ever since they confronted Matt Baker eight months and put him and ALEC on the defensive.  Baker was amazing in his threats made - to try and get Keystone to back off.  They didn't and Baker backed off - it was a great thrust and parry to read.  Baker didn't have a chance - he was up against the masters!  Keystone could have backed down, but they just kept on going and I admire that kind of chutzpah !!!

They have designed a webpage - that is an amazing, simply amazing example of what can be done.
A very simple and effective way to shame ALEC members.

Take a look - >>>HERE<<<
Their "Just Say NO to ALEC" "
"Whose side is your legislator on?"

Time Needed:

·        Design and post the webpage.
·        Contact legislators that they are on the webpage.
·        Post "press releases" when an ALEC member DUMPS ALEC and says they are no longer a member.   Put pictures of the email correspondence on the webpage as proof.

ALEC and the public needs to know when their members disavow their membership.  Even if they are lying - it's bad press.  And bad press for ALEC - is a good day for the rest of us.

Keystone Progress has legislators contacting them
                 wanting to removed from the right and added to the left
Yes, my pun is intentional.

Legislators who have allegedly quit ALEC since the Keystone webpage went up are now on the left side of the page,  have little red asterisks by their name.

Good job Keystone!!!

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